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Recently we have received a lot of requests for metric automotive fasteners with specialized finishes and we are happy to announce that we have obtained a large supply of metric nuts, metric  bolts, metric clips, metric retainers, metric washers, rivets, grommets and such with the latest black organic, oxide, phosphate and Polyseal finishes to complement our line of chrome, zinc, cadmium and, of course, yellow dichromate hardware. So, if you are looking for just the right touch to set off your customized Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet or Mercedes Benz, please contact Northland Fasteners.

We have the widest available selection of replacement hardware for American, European, and Asian vehicles available to the general public. Northland Fasteners can supply you with the highest quality replacement weather-strips, electrical accessories, rivets, retainers grommets and moulding clips in addition to nuts, bolts, screws and washers. We have a complete stock to solve your vehicle hardware wants be it an Acura, a Yugo or anything in between. So save time and do us both a favor - contact us for all your auto hardware and fastener needs. 

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We are proud to be the wholesaler of the complete Auto Vehicle Parts (Auveco Products) manufacturer/distributor of specialty automotive and industrial fasteners.

 We want your business and we’ll go the extra mile to keep it with the lowest possible prices and the largest selection of fasteners for early and late model domestic and foreign vehicles on the Internet. We can supply all fastener needs for jobbers, body shops and do-it-yourselfers – there is no minimum order and no order too small or too big.

Metric Thread Cutting Nuts, Metric Bolt Retainers, Shims , Metric Finishing Washers, Metric Body Bolts & Extrudued "U" Nuts




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